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     Recently I had the opportunity to spend several days at the cabinet shop in Colonial Williamsburg. After talking with the cabinet makers there, I realized that not much has changed in a cabinet shop in the past two hundred years. Boards still warp, stain colors are still hard to get just right, clients still want their jobs done yesterday, and I still have to pay my suppliers.

     In the hills overlooking Big Isaac, West Virginia, I have built a studio-shop with the express purpose of making fine quality, handmade custom cabinets and furniture. With a separate finishing room and spray booth, I run my shop in the spirit of the cabinet shops of old Williamsburg and Philadelphia, not only in the quality of my finished work, but in the satifaction and the commitment I bring to it.

     I've been making cabinets and custom made furniture for over 27 years. After serving an apprenticeship in a cabinet shop in Vervier, Belgium, I returned to the United States and worked as a cabinet maker in several shops in Philadelphia. In one of the shops I worked in I made custom cabinets for the Neiman Marcus Department Store in Houston, Texas. In another, my work concentrated on architectural woodwork for several Atlantic City casinos. The work was interesting, and I added to my knowledge and skills, but it lacked the satisfaction I experienced in that cabinet shop in Belgium.

     In 1980 I decided to return to my cabinet making roots and I moved to West Virginia, a land of fine hardwoods, where " by hand " craftsmanship is still a part of everyday life. Since that time I've done both commercial and residential cabinet and furniture making for people all over West Virginia as well as in MI, IL, MD, PA, NY, LA, OH, DEL, and major projects in New York City, Long Island, and New Orleans.

     My resume covers a wide range of projects. I've made cabinets for typical homeowners who wanted the finest in quality custom cabinetry as well as notables such as NFL quarterback Jeff Hostetler. I like working with unique materials and doing jobs that can't be done by the typical kitchen or home center. I've even built custom computer control room workstations for a coal plant and a major power company.

     Another area of cabinet making that I specialize in is architectural woodworking. One of the projects I am most proud of is the side alters I built for a Clarksburg, WV church. The alters have a second function; they house air conditioning units and hide them from public view! I frequently work in conjunction with architects and interior design firms from around this area, helping them solve space and design problems.

     A third and my favorite kind of woodworking is custom furniture making. When I build custom pieces my favorite technique is to combine traditional building methods and designs, adding my own touches as I go along. The end product is a unique and distinctive piece of furniture, customized with the owner in mind.

A list of larger clients and pojects:
  • Anker Energy
  • WBOY Television
  • WV Electrical Systems
  • SnL Computer & Web Design
  • Judge Kidd
  • David & Susie Maynard
  • Many, Many Doctors and Professional Offices to count.
  • Lewis County Senior Citizens Center
  • First Methodist Church of Clarksburg


I've also restored many antiques over the years so I am very familar with antique furntiure construction. I have made furniture to go in very old historical homes and buildings. In the late 1970's I was heavily involved in restoring an historic old tavern in Christiana, Deleware, which is also on the historical registry.

In short, I do the high quality work that you can only get from shops like mine. I look forward to working with you on your unique project. To quote a price, please contact me @ 304-782-1652 or email me @

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